1998 Toyota Camry review

A Mister Thomas it’s Bobby here lagrange Toyota Camry, I want walking around the camera I spoke to you about earlier on 98 model under 26000 miles. You know overall Tough to find one with this low mileage and as you know you’ve been you’ve been searching for quite a good a good bit of time now Sir just a few minor exterior things which which were in the process of taking care of we did have a little bit of a hail come through here about a month month 0.5 ago I just got a few dents in here but all that is being taken care of this week.
1998 Camry
Can I have 2 new tires on here as well Sir. So some of the pain here on this back bumper you can see I was speaking to you about. Not bad just not just a little bit appealing from that clearcoat anytime we get some these older vehicles. That’s normal. As well as the the little bit appealing right there as well. As far as the interior goes us Sir I had them in detail this is how it came. But very very clean inside after our detailed process that we pretty well immaculate in here. Very good headlights and tail lights http://u-lightled.com/toyota-camry/headlights.html – website. Dash Radio temperature controlled air blows extremely cold. Power windows power locks. Just a good value here Sir, I think this may be a good piece for it just to get to and from work and not please let me.