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The muffler of the car.

The muffler of the carSpecificity of problems in vehicles is very, very wide. One of these problems may be the occurrence of condensation in the muffler.

It would seem: how water may accumulate in the muffler, if it is constantly working, and the temperature of the gases in it is high?!

Remember: 90% of all cases, the problem of water accumulation in the muffler pursues drivers who make short trips. The essence of the problem is that your muffler is simply not at operating temperature, as the engine that runs on low speed, just not able to blow out of the system all the precipitated moisture in it. In winter, this problem is only amplified – frost and ice do its dirty work! For example, there are cases when from the “cans” of muffler poured 4-5 liters of water.

How to solve the problem of excess moisture?

You can blow out “pots” (blow cylinders). It means: on the road increase speed, using a lower gear to maintain high engine revs. Work in alternating mode: picked up speed – slowed. It is more than a couple of times not to “drown” the gas pedal to the floor.
This procedure is useful for all the cars suffering from an accumulation of moisture in the muffler.