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Robot on the Ford line— man’s assistant or competitor?

Robot on the Ford line— man’s assistant or competitor?

The car company Ford was one of the first to introduce so-called “co-bots” (robots working side by side with the people) at its plants. Co-bots imitate the man’s hand movements and help to carry out the most complex operations requiring both great strength and skill.

Robot on the Ford line

Co-bot can be configured to do the widest possible range of tasks: learning to use a coffee machine, driving for beer, clink mugs and even make a head massage. Now that the co-bots are in test mode, the workers of Cologne plant are trying to adjust them to everything possible. According to their feedbacks, the management of the company will make a decision about the further integration of robot helpers into production.

The main thing is that the workers not overdo it and end up on the street, if it comes out that co-bots can replace all of them. But so far, Ford PR-service emphasizes that -bots are intended to help people, and not to replace them.